Monday, 14 January 2008

'Black Magic'

This season is all about different textures of black and piling on the layers, So grab your killer hills and embrace the dark side!

Spotted on the.... Runway!

It began with the girls in a rotating musical box – headed up by Gisele. Then Madonna and Donna Summers began a sing-off on the soundtrack and the models were released down the catwalk with whips and chains to accessorise their ruched metallic dresses vice-gripped in at the waist by wide metal corsets. One monastic robe gave a nod to one of the season’s emerging trends, while a black satin puffball-hemmed anorak was the Dolce contribution to the winter must-have.
For the full runway review go to
Black was the predominant colour on this runway, the girls were dressed in S&M styled clothes with the odd splash of royal blue and fuchsia pink. The accessories ranged from house blinkers to full length leather gloves and the hair and make-up was kept simple with Smokey black eyes and ruffed up hair. To view the full show go to its well worth a look. This has got to be my favourite catwalk show that I had viewed, it is so interesting and it has gave me loads of ideas on how to place black items with each other, for example black hot pants with opaque tights and biker jacket with fur trim. HOT!
The only problem I had with this show was the models were to thin, they looked like the walking dead.
Follow this link and look at the 5th girl along, that is not healthy!

'Tips for playing around with wearing black, don’t go crazy and chuck on as many different textures of black as possible. you will end up looking like a car crash '

.............High Street!

These few photos that I have selected are the sexiest black peaces I have found from this show! They are simple to wear and cost affective. browse the cyber rails.


Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham, Lily Allen and Lindsay Lohan are spotted here in all things black. They are show casing the black trend but all 4 of them are styled in different way. Sienna’s style is Glossy Goth, this style is easy to achieve just search for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I would say that they are the main leaders of this trend. When trying this out think, black nails, rings, smoky eyes, rough hair and tight alluring clothes!Victoria is showing the classic side of the coin and it’s not surprising that she palls in out with those great pins. When attempting this one go simple. Simple cut T’s and vest with black trousers or shorts. you can also make a statement like Victoria is doing here by going big with accessories just to add a touch of class!Lily Allen is not shocking anyone here with a black baby doll dress and even though she has chaved it up with gold earrings, she still manages to have us all wanting to be her. So get to H&M girls and buy the first baby doll dress you see and make it your own with some funky coloured tights or knee high socks. Lohan shows that high waisted belts are still a must have and that black is sleek and sophisticated.

the horrors......

They may look like funeral directors that wander the streets looking for the dead but don’t they look sexy in those skin tight skinny jeans! Yum!!
These boys wear black day and night with random accessories like top hats and capes but they pall it off with ease. I must admit at a quick glance they do look like girls with pussy bow shirts but they are spot on with this trend!

Boys and Girls, if you wanna go for the modern goth look then think the tighter the better and anything goes as long as its black. PS...dont forget your hair spray!
Black fix!!
some simple black fixers for those who dont know what to buy or where to buy it.
1,2,3,4, sparkle dress. primark, 2.high waisted shorts. american apparel, 3.underwear set. ted baker, 4.sparkle knickers. urban outfitters.

Black Power!!
black is everywhere and at the moment and there is not one shop that you could go in and not buy it. I could even pick up and fashion magazine and a decoration magazine and see black splashed around everywhere. Having black in the home is a simple modernising way of fixing a dated room and it seems like we are all jumping ship. My favourite thing has got to be this black shinny kitchen, it just screams elegance....

And if you didn’t want to take such a drastic step in following suit then you could just add this little flower sticker to any room at only £10 from Ikea it is a barging as well....

Back 2 Black!!
I love the fact that black has moved away from being morbid and ‘just for Goths’ and become an essential part everyone’s wardrobe.(well, to mine at least) I used to think black was so boring a dull and I hated wearing it unless I had to but now 90% of my clothes are black. I can’t seem to focus away from it, if I see something I like I will always buy it in black. It makes me look slimmer as well so it’s a win win situation-Tip!
The best way to play around with black and to jazz it up is to wear it in layers!! (Black tights, knee high socks, vest dress, cardigan and some flat ankle boots. You could even go the whole hog and wear a beannie hat and biker jacket)

Black Forest............
Looking at all the black clothes that I have seen floating around EVERYWHERE, I have been inspired to take this photo shoot with ideas of how to wear different types of black clothing.
My ideas came from S&M and Show Girl but I mainly had a little play around with it all. The out come was rather good. Take a look! I hope it inspires you.

model- Amy Gill
Photography- Faye Smith
make up- Faye Smith
Models- Amy Gill & Faye Smith
Photography- Reggie Smith

model- Amy Gill
Photography- Faye Smith

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